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Thank you for visiting my web site.
I will not surprise you with an abundance of exotic names and procedures. We will offer you the most relevant services in the field of beauty, health and body culture. In our arsenal, the most effective and popular methods of massage, movement therapy, hardware cosmetology, body shaping, weight loss, aromatherapy, body wraps and relaxing procedures for the body. We work with natural, highly effective professional massage oils and cosmetics. We will create the optimal program of procedures for you.
We are waiting for you and we hope that you will not regret entrusting the care of your body to us.

Having extensive experience with ballet dancers and athletes, we have achieved positive dynamics in their preparation for important tournaments and performances, where massage and rehabilitation procedures play a huge role in preparing for them. If you are interested in long-term business partnerships, in the form of accompaniment to contests and competitions, comprehensive rehabilitation, treatment or health, then I will advise you on the topic of interest in a short time. 

If you are interested in long-term business partnership, in the form of accompaniment to contests and competitions, comprehensive restoration, treatment, health and rejuvenation in the Russian Federation and abroad, I will consult you on the topic of interest in the shortest time.

Do you have a competition, tournament, competition? Need a safety net for massage and taping? Call us and we will provide you with a team of professionals for the required period of time.

Extras: cosmetologist, makeup artist, hairdresser

Best regards, Alexander Gasparov
Member of the Russian League of Massage Therapists

Certified massage therapist, balancing taping and cross-stepping, manual techniques and body shaping. Spa operator

Winner of the Competition "The Best Masseur of the Year" according to HQBM 2016


Higher State Center of Physical Education and Training Faculty coaching, exercise therapy and therapeutic massage 1985
School of therapeutic massage (classic, therapeutic, acupressure and manual techniques). Soviet - Swiss enterprise "MANVIC" Center for functional rehabilitation of disabled people with disabilities. 1991 certificate

Secondary specialized Moscow Medical School №17 Medical business 2002

Professional development, internship

Internship at the main masseur of the Bolshoi Theater Boris Prazdnikov, Therapeutic and Reconstructive Massage 1991
The program "Medical massage" 288 hours Certificate of professional development in 2013

Full course of theoretical and practical training for the program SPA-operator First Professional Institute of Aesthetics. Training. Certificate 2014

A course of theoretical and practical training on the work of the cosmetic equipment of the new RUBIKA 4 class in 1. Martinex Group of Companies. Training. Diploma 2015                                                                                         

Training center "VORTEX" Methods and techniques of endermological and lymphatic drainage procedures on the apparatus VORTEX Certificate 2017

Medical massage. Certificate of Specialist 2017

A full course of theoretical and practical training on the Balancing Taping Medical Association (Korea Medical Balancing Taping) program. Professional Development International Certificate 2017

Full course of theoretical and practical training under the program of Cross-stepping “Korean Medical Association of Balancing Taping” (Korea Balance Taping Medical Association) Further training International Certificate 2017

Faculty of advanced training of medical workers of the Medical Institute of RUDN "Medical Massage" 144 hours. Training. The certificate. Certificate of Specialist 2017

The course of theoretical and practical preparation of work on the body and face on the apparatus Endospheres THERAPY group Fenix Group 2017

Leistern Pharmaceuticals. Information course. ""Training on methods of application of drugs Leister". Certificate, 2019

Leistern Pharmaceuticals. Advanced training. Course "Applied anatomy of the face". Certificate, 2019

Leistern Pharmaceuticals. Advanced training. Course "Retinoic peels". Certificate, 2019

Certificates of ownership of massage techniques:

Medical massage in neurology, in therapy, in pediatrics, in traumatology. Anticellulite massage. Wraps Thalassotherapy. Lymphatic drainage massage. Relaxation body massage according to the Classic Massage program. Cup massage. Honey massage. Stone - body massage. Reflex foot massage. Segmental massage. Massotherapy. Sports massage. Massage after injury. Endermological lipomassazh on the apparatus Cellu M6 Keymodule I, the company "LPG-Systems" France. Vacuum roller massage on the machine VORTEX. Endospheres THERAPY compression vibration technology for the body and face Fenixgrkpp Italy. Aesthetic programs for the correction of the figure. Balancing taping. Cross-styling. Owning your own methods of restorative massage. Author's massage programs in the face.



Dear Alexander, you! ballet savior! We were glad to find you on the Internet (well, write good articles!). Because the cure of the problem with the leg and the back, as well as the massage of the “leg and back ballet” is still different from the needs and scope of the human)). And this happiness, that there are such, as you - especially directed profile Specialists. And we had a chance to walk around the Moscow sports clinics ... The sense may have been, but not that one. We are very grateful for your attention to our problem and approach, which ... well, very loyal! Helped in many ways! both with the hip, and with the loins, and even with the posture fastening! that how - “the trick” turned out to be in general, on the whole it can be said - saved! Because the treatment in the sport-ballet ... easier shoot yourself!
Terribly happy - that you have found. And special - Thank you! that you continue to find time for us in consultation. It's good! yes no, this is HAPPINESS - when ballet students have a place to run for help!

Lisa Moscow

I turned to Alexander with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. And never regretted. An excellent specialist, and besides, a sensitive, attentive, kind person. Thank you very much, Alexander, for your help. 

Petrova Irina                                    

Alexander, Divine Hands - without him I would not be able to come out on the stage boldly and be sure that everything will work out for me. He is the best master for ballet in Moscow. His individual approach to each client makes him an indispensable professional in his business. He cares about my health and my legs. In ballet, our legs are our main instrument. 

Joy Womack, Soloist of the Kremlin Ballet                                                                                                        

Professionally engaged in equestrian sport. Over time, severe back pain, especially in the neck and lower back, as well as headaches. It was difficult and painful to bend. After 3-4 sessions of massage, Alexander's pain in the neck was gone completely, and the loins became more flexible. Also left muscle stiffness on the right side of the back. 

Olga, Moscow                                                                                                                             

I will definitely take preventive massage courses. Alexander is a professional in his field, he works with soul and with full dedication.                                                                                                                                      


I work as an accountant, all day in a sitting position, the body swells. Made six lymphatic drainage massages. I feel much better, a little thinner. I want to try another cedar barrel. Alexander thanks a lot.


I really liked the relaxing massage in a pleasant atmosphere by candlelight. I managed to forget about the headache and affairs for a while. Received great pleasure. Be sure to advise friends. Sasha, thank you!                                 


She retreated to the course of vacuum massage on Michurinsky by Alexander Gasparov. After 10 sessions I lost 1.5 size and fly like a young one. I liked Sasha very much. Beautiful, competent specialist. Thank you very much! Try his lymphatic drainage facial massage! Fantastish)))                                                  


I want to thank the excellent specialist and sensitive, interesting person Alexander Gasparov. I go to his support procedures and am very pleased. She began to feel the muscles on the body. After the 3rd session the cramps in the calves stopped. I can safely recommend it to everyone. 5 + !!!                            


I regularly go to Alexander for his signature facial massage, a super result !!! There is no need for many other things. The main thing is that everyone around has noticed a change in the face. Received a taut oval and tight muscles on the face. And each time Alexander adds something as a bonus from himself. Trifle, but nice. Sasha, thank you very much!                                                                                                          


For a long time I did not dare to go to the procedure for a man, I was greatly praised by the massage from Alexander Gasparov. I am glad that I have rejected my conventions and got an excellent body condition, as if I was in training. Not to mention the wonderful mood. Highly recommend this wizard. Thank you very much. 


Anyone who is dear to health and who understands the massage advise you to sign up for a massage to Alexander Gasparov. Restorative therapist high level. He is mainly engaged in ballet and sportsmen, owns all relevant techniques on the body. I go to him for a long time on a weekly basis and am VERY pleased with the results. Thank you very much.                                                                                                    

Marina, Moscow

I did scrape and phyto barrels on the Michurinsky prospect in Moskvitch on Michurinsky Prospect. I really liked it. Alexander is a very professional and attentive specialist. I recommend everyone to try something. Prices match the quality!                                                                                                                    


Came to Alexander on the recommendation of friends. They go to Alexander for a massage. Long suffered pain in the lower back. Alex is just a magician. With his hands and tapes he set me on his feet. Thank you so much!!!                                                                                                                                                


Sasha has golden hands! Threw off for the course of 6 cm in the waist. I really like how he works with his clients, he will always select the most necessary words of support and the necessary procedures.            


Appealed to Alexander with pain in the back and arm. After a course of massage, pain and muscle stiffness were gone, the result was better than trips to doctors, pills and blockades. Thank you so much Alexander, a true professional!                                                                                                                                      


I teach dancing at Michurinsky. Got a chance on a massage to Alexander. Gone impressed by the specialist. Thank you very much Alec for the massage.                                                                                            


Alexander has reasonable prices for services and decent quality. I go for a massage for 2 years weekly. Very happy! 5+ 


I am engaged in professional dancing. For a long time I could not find an experienced specialist in restorative massage. Specializes in ballet massage and correction. Name is Alexander. I recommend to contact, I liked                                                                                                                                                              

Svetlana, Moscow

She turned to Alexander with back pain, after 2 sessions it became much easier, she stopped drinking painkillers. Very pleased with the quality of the massage and the specialist. I'm going to do a full course. Thank 


4 months ran on the doctors, only had time to pay for the procedure. Colleagues have recommended a specialist in the spine. Many thanks to Alexander for a terrific massage. I breathe deeply, my shoulders are as soft as plasticine, I fly, nothing bothers me.                                                                                                

Helena. Moscow

It was in winter with Alexander, I really liked the massage from Sasha, golden hands! Specialist